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  • Lliam Nelson

Interview With Indigo Suave: The Era Of Visual Poetry

This past weekend we were able to sit down with upcoming film director Indigo Suave. With a unique film style, his visuals have left many in awe. In 2018, he founded his production company ASUAVEPRODUCTION while attending Princeton University. Set to graduate in 2022, our interview with Director Suave highlights his background and his plans for 2021.

How did you get your artistry name? Ha well, that’s an interesting story. In my high school English class, we read The Cather in the Rye and I fell in love with Holden (the main character) and his usage of the word ‘suave’. And I guess it kind of took up on me. Ever since then I started using it more and had it always on my account names on social media. When I started getting into visual arts and filmmaking, I was telling my good friend Sinmi about all my ideas and dreams I had for it. And he called me an indigo child. I had no idea what it was and he told me to look it up. I eventually did, and upon reading about it I had a moment. A moment where I believed in myself and realized I was special. And it’s something where everyone must acknowledge that no one person is you. Your uniqueness is inherent, you do not have to look for it. The name Indigo Suave came from that.


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