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  • Daniel Atkinson

Meet Indigo Suave, the 22 year old Princeton undergrad and founder of ASUAVEPRODUCTION

Michael Osei-Wusu is a film director, producer, and visual artist. He opened his eyes to a world of creativity and visualizations once he attended Princeton University. No one knew that he would be soon be an upcoming visual arts director that would go by the name of Indigo Suave.

“Growing up, film was something I was always interested in, but never had the time to pursue. When I finally got to college, I felt like I finally had the opportunity to chase something, something that I wanted.”

He declared as a major in Visual arts and Film in 2018 and later that year founded his company ASUAVEPRODUCTION. During this time period, he started to delve and himself into learning and understanding film.

“I not only failed to see how meticulous the creation of films were growing up but I also never understood that a film is a bigger picture of who we are. It’s a reflection of the audience and of the creator. You must give everything a purpose—in every scene, every line, and every breath. Just like life, I must ask myself why I am doing what I am doing.”


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