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Project “ZZZ”: Indigo Suave’s Upcoming Visual

According to press release by ASUAVEPRODUCTION the release of their new visual Zzz with rising artist Lulu is coming out soon. The collaboration between Director Suave and Lulu seem to be strengthening and gaining traction. This will be their fourth visual project collaboration with artist, Lulu. In 2019, their first collaborations took off with the release of Alchemy.

The lead single from Lulu’s EP Capriccio. This was followed by the release of Farewell and the Starcaster, two other popular songs from Lulu’s EP. These visuals set a tone for what both of these creatives bring forth. There is a consistent and beautiful dynamic between the songs and the visuals. “The picture and the song should always tell the same story, that is the crux of how we create here” Indigo Suave expressed.


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